Envera Acquires an EPA Registered Bioinsecticide

March 3, 2011

Envera announced today that it acquired Bio-Blast, the first biological termaticide approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, from Agro Power Development, Inc.

Coatesville, PA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 02, 2011

Envera announced today that it acquired Bio-Blast, the first biological termaticide approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The microorganism, the EPA registration, all supporting research and data, as well as trademarks, were purchased for an undisclosed amount from Agro Power Development, Inc. Bio-Blast is based on the natural activity of the fungus, Metarhizium anisopliae strain ESF1. This fungal strain also has activity against many other economically important household and agricultural pests. ESF1 was previously registered with the EPA for the control of cockroaches and house flies.

ESF1 was developed by EcoScience Corporation in the early 1990′s. With over 20 years of laboratory research, field testing, and commercial sales, the broad activity range of this isolate is very well documented. Michael Matheny, President of Envera, was a scientist at EcoScience during the launch of Bio-Blast. “Having witnessed the development and exceptional activity of this bioinsectcide first hand, I am very pleased to add this isolate to our microbial arsenal,” stated Mike Matheny. Matheny continued, “ESF1 fits perfectly into Envera’s mission of supplying environmentally friendly, all natural alternatives to commonly used chemicals.”

ESF1 provides an effective kill of termites and is safe for the pesticide applicator and the homeowner. Once a termite comes in contact with the fungus it then passes the active agent onto other termites in the colony utilizing a process known as horizontal transfer. This feature gives Bio-Blast the ability to kill termites outside the immediate treatment area.

In 2008 The US and Western European market for biological based pesticides was estimated to be $594.2 million and is expected to reach $1.02 billion by 2015 for these geographies. The size of these markets and the broad pest activity range of ESF1 will justify the expansion of the EPA registration beyond termites. With this in mind, Envera is currently in discussions with several companies regarding the distribution of ESF1 into a variety of applications.

Envera is a bioscience-based company focused on the production of environmentally friendly products. With decades of experience in the isolation, large scale production, stabilization and product formulation of microorganisms, Envera is a leader in the development and commercialization of microbial and enzyme based products for the consumer, institutional, agricultural, waste water, and bioremediation markets. Envera’s technology platform includes expertise in the areas of bacteriology, mycology, enzymology, and chemistry.

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