April 21, 2011

Entrepreneurship Urged To Stimulate The Economy

Economists have been pointing to the growth in entrepreneurship and small business hiring as two ways the US economy can speed the recovery process. In his first ever Facebook town hall meeting, President Obama expanded upon this search for economic solutions as part of the White House's "Startup America" initiative.

Recent articles show that researchers not only support these notions, but also break them down for the nation and the world. Current entrepreneurial scholarship offers studies that provide avenues for future research and potential implications for economic development policy. Recently published articles cover such topics as immigrants in high-tech start-ups, lessons in entrepreneurial decision-marking, and more. Learn more about entrepreneurship by visiting Management INK, SAGE's business research blog at www.sagepub.com/managementink, or check out any of the following articles from SAGE journals that will be available free for a limited time:

    * "High Tech Immigrant Entrepreneurship" published in Economic Development Quarterly by David M. Hart and Zoltan J. Acs:
    * "Multilevel Entrepreneurship Research: Opportunities for Studying Entrepreneurial Decision-Making" published in Journal of Management by Dean A. Shepherd:
    * "Message in a Bottle: Basic Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs Using Only a Soft Drink" published in Journal of Management Education by Blaine McCormick and Van Gray:
    * "Pouring Israel into a Starbucks Cup" published in Cornell Hospitality Quarterly by Arturs Kalnins and Laure Stroock:
    * "Family Social Capital, Venture Preparedness, and Start-Up Decisions: A Study of Hispanic Entrepreneurs in New England" published in Family Business Review by Erick P. C. Chang, Esra Memili, James J. Chrisman, Franz W. Kellermanns and Jess H. Chua:
    * "Power as Practice: a Micro-sociological Analysis of the Dynamis of Emancipatory Entrepreneurship" published in Organization Studies by David Goss, Robert Jones, Michela Betta and James Latham:


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