April 22, 2011

Take A Spectacular Ocean Journey This Earth Day With NatGeo

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com

Jennifer S. Holland paints a beautiful picture of Australia's Great Barrier Reef in her writing in May's National Geographic Magazine.

Holland places you into the ocean with her words, and tugs at your heart by describing the complexities of the Great Barrier Reef and what it has overcome.

The intricacy of how life takes shape in this unique part of the ocean is uncanny, and it has bewildered all who have visited it for generations.

If there is anything you do to commemorate Earth Day today, then take a moment to let Holland's words take you on a journey to yet another spot this planet is remarkably good at making beautiful.

Excerpt from the May issue of National Geographic magazine. Written by Jennifer S. Holland

"Time and tides and a planet in eternal flux brought the Great Barrier Reef into being millions of years ago, wore it down, and grew it back"”over and over again. Now all the factors that let the reef grow are changing at a rate the Earth has never before experienced. This time the reef may degrade below a crucial threshold from which it cannot bounce back."

Image Credit: David Doubilet/National Geographic

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