April 28, 2011

Report Names Most Polluted Cities In The US

The American Lung Association (ALA) released a report on Wednesday that lists the 25 smoggiest cities in the US, and although improvements in the quality of air have been seen, at least half of the residents remain living under unhealthy air pollution, Reuters reports.

The report, titled "State of the Air 2011", credits the Clean Air Act for spearheading most of the improvements in air quality. "The progress the nation has made cleaning up coal-fired power plants, diesel emissions and other pollution sources has drastically cut dangerous pollution from the air we breathe," Lung Association President Charles Connor said in a statement.

Lower levels of recordable ozone, more commonly known as smog, have shown the most dramatic improvement in the 25 cities listed in the report. Still, just over half of the US population, 154.5 million, live in places where the air contains levels of ozone and particulate pollution, or soot.

The "State of the Air 2011" breaks down the most polluted areas with the following categories: the California cities of Los Angeles, Bakersfield and Visalia suffered under the most reported levels of ozone.

The towns of Bakersfield and Fresno, both in California, and Pittsburgh, were most polluted by short-term particle pollution. Bakersfield, Los Angeles and Phoenix as most polluted by year-round particle pollution.

US cities with the best overall air quality were Honolulu and Santa Fe, New Mexico, the report said.


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