May 5, 2011

Beaver Dam Helps To Contain Canadian Oil Spill

A Canadian environment official said Wednesday that a beaver dam helped to contain an oil spill near the native village of Little Buffalo in Canada's Alberta province, according to a report by the AFP news agency.

Alberta Environment said that oil started leaking April 29 from a pipeline belonging to Plains Midstream Canada in northern Alberta about 4.3 miles away from the village.

The oil spilled about 28,000 barrels of oil in all.

Officials said the oil almost sullied a river but was contained by small bodies of standing water and a beaver dam.

"It's true that there is a beaver dam in the area and that it initially contained the spill," provincial Environment chief Rob Renner told reporters by phone.

"The break point of the pipeline has been isolated and there is no further flow of crude oil," he noted.


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