May 8, 2011

Baby Hawk Hatches On New York City Ledge

A red-tailed hawk named Violet nesting on a Manhattan window ledge had one of her three eggs hatch on Friday.

The nest sits outside the 12th floor office of the president of New York University.  It has had the New York Times webcam's eye for weeks.

Experts were doubtful of the chances of any live births earlier this week, but an egg began to crack open on Friday despite the skeptics' claims.

"Never have we been so ecstatic to be wrong," said the Times on its Hawk Cam Web page.

"Days after we wrote that the hatch-by date had expired on Violet the red-tailed hawk's eggs, an eyass (that's what baby hawks are called) emerged on Friday morning."

According to the Times, one expert said the hawk now risks fatal injury, which would leave her baby hopeless.  It said that experts are attempting to arrange a rescue attempt from the rooftop of the university.

Hawk expert John Blakeman said the other two eggs may still hatch.

"They're just like little babies," he told the Times. "They want to crawl around. Two or three days from now they'll look like a little ball of fur, just cute as can be. In a week or so it's going to be utterly entrancing."


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