May 16, 2011

Money Available For Exploring Problems Important To Australian Ecosystems

Money available for exploring problems important to Australian ecosystems

Support is available from the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, a Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network facility, for teams of researchers and managers to explore questions and problems important to Australian ecosystems.

There are three ACEAS funding categories:
1. Working Groups: consist of no more than 15 scientists and managers who will use workshops as a tool for their successful collaboration, concentrating on specific issues that require in-depth analysis of data and synthesis of ideas with an Australian focus. Working Groups may meet 1-3 times within an 18 month period, from at least four days to a week per meeting.
2. Targetted Workshops: a single meeting of no more than 15 scientists and managers who focus on data and/or information integration, analysis and synthesis around a major Australian ecosystem science question.
Workshop and Working Group participants need to have clear roles according to their contribution to the aims of the workshop, represent a range of organisations, including management where relevant, and include at least one postdoctoral student or equivalent.
3. Sabbatical Fellowships: support travel and accommodation expenses (no stipend) of internationally recognised ecologists and ecosystem scientists to a maximum of $15,000 per fellow for periods of 3-12 months. No funding support is available for salary support or honoraria.

To be considered for funding applications must:
"¢ have tangible output and outcomes for advancing ecosystem science and management, for example a peer-reviewed synthesis, an analysis paper, a report;
"¢ have demonstrable national, rather than solely local, significance;
"¢ focus on the analysis and synthesis of data;
"¢ use data held in Australia, to the benefit of ecosystem science in Australia; and
"¢ demonstrate utility outside the interests of the team applying.


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