May 25, 2011

Flowering Plant Found Above 14,000 Ft. In Swiss Alps

A small, flowering plant has been discovered at a record-setting high-altitude in the Swiss alps, Basel University tells AFP.

"It is almost a miracle, but at (14,780 feet), at 40 meters below the Dom peak in the canton of Valais, the ... Saxifraga oppositifolia has been recently discovered. It is the highest elevation flowering plant that has ever been documented in Europe, and the location is probably the coldest point in the world where a flowering plant has been found," the statement said

The plant, also known as the purple mountain saxifrage, is common in mountainous areas. But it was found for the first time at such high altitude between solid rock by botanist Christian Koerner.

Scientists explain that at such an altitude, the plant has to endure night-time temperatures of around 32 degrees Fahrenheit and winter temperatures that plunge as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.


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