May 27, 2011

Research Study By UM Frost School Of Music To Be Presented In Norway At Prestigious Conference

A new research study conducted by University of Miami Frost School of Music's Music Engineering Technology Group touches upon multi-touch surfaces as emerging valuable tools for collaboration, display, interaction, and musical expression. The study will be presented at the 2011 International Conference on New Instruments for Musical Expression in Oslo, Norway this month.

A Low-Cost, Low-Latency Multi-Touch Table with Haptic Feedback for Musical Applications, authored by Matthew Montag GMuE '11 (Cedar Rapids, IA), Stefan Sullivan GMuE '12 (Erie, PA), Scott Dickey (MuE '11, Northbrook, IL) and Professor Colby Leider, discusses how multi-touch surfaces tend to be costly. They also tend to suffer from two drawbacks for music performance: (1) relatively high latency owing to their sensing mechanism, and (2) lack of haptic feedback. The authors analyze the latency present in several current multi-touch platforms, and describe a new custom system that reduces latency to an average of 30 ms while providing programmable haptic feedback to the user. The paper concludes with a description of ongoing and future work.

The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression is currently in its 11th year. Researchers and musicians from all over the world gather to share their knowledge and late-breaking work on new musical interface design.


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