Can 2012 Declaration Help Us to Enter Psychic Science New Age?

June 1, 2011

Taiwan-based Galaxy Seven hopes to propel the Psychic Science Revolution with the launch of his new website, 2012 Declaration of Psychic Science.

Taiwan (PRWEB) May 31, 2011

Psychic Science Revolution propellent Galaxy Seven recently announced the launch of his new website, 2012 Declaration of Psychic Science. Galaxy Seven is the author of this comprehensive theoretical system for psychic science.

Galaxy Seven explained the 2012 Declaration, “Having entered into the 21st century, we now need psychic science to engage in the second scientific revolution. In order to launch the psychic scientific revolution, we have to expand the horizons and methods of science, This theoretical system of psychic science regards the scientific spirit of “honest description” as the basic attitude, “intuitive experimentation” as the main research methodology, the “Four Axioms of the Mind” as the presuppositions, and the “Four Laws of the Mind” as the criteria for verification.”

Galaxy Seven continued, “The reason why the development of psychic science on Earth is at a standstill and unable to join the ranks of the civilized interstellar alliance is because a system of theoretical standards for the science of psychic is still lacking and people fail to unify research methodology.”

Galaxy Seven breaks down the participants of 2012 Declaration movement into four groups: Leading Sponsors, Golden Seats, Scholar Gems and Happy Hearts. The main message of the movement is “All lives are one and equal; True nature is blissful and joyful.”

In order to fulfill the Mayan prophesy, “2012 Declaration of Psychic Science” will be formally signed on 21 December 2012. This historical event could lead to the second scientific revolution. In fact, 21 December 2012 will be a great rebirth day, rather than a doomsday.

On July 4th, 1776, the “Declaration of Independence” conveyed the concept of “All men are created equal.” It is high time for us to expand its scope of meaning. Today, after 236 years, we solemnly proclaim hereby in this historic 2012 Declaration of Psychic Science that: “All lives are one and equal; True nature is blissful and joyful.”

The physical scientific revolution in the 17th century was the first scientific revolution in human history. During that period, Isaac Newton published the book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, in which he used such logical and mathematical methods as induction and deduction to describe natural phenomena honestly. Newton’s honest, open-minded attitude helped to liberate people from the bondage of their blind faith in authority. This meant a great deal to those living in the 17th century who were bound tightly by authority. However, this world is unknowingly marching towards another extreme: “worshipping material”.

Galaxy Seven feels like the world is primed for the next scientific revolution. He offers the 2012 Declaration manual for download.

About Galaxy Seven

Based in Taiwan, Galaxy Seven started the website “2012 Declaration of Psychic Science” on May 15, 2011. His goal is to trigger the happiest second scientific revolution in history. For more information visit http://www.2012declaration.com/.

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Galaxy Seven


(886) 916-096511

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