TodaysCarbonFootprints.com: Launches Site and Updates with New Posts about Going Green for a Cleaner Environment

June 13, 2011

TodaysCarbonFootprints.com, a website advocating for environmental friendliness, is now live and has published new blog posts about the harmful effects of carbon dioxide, the increasing scarcity of water, and HydroGen cars.

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) June 11, 2011

TodaysCarbonFootprints.com, a blog dedicated to spreading information and ideas about a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way of life, has released several new blog posts, including “The Grilling Effect,” “Where Is the Water?” and “BioFuel, Electric, or HHO Conversion.”

The post “The Grilling Effect” from TodaysCarbonFootprint.com discusses the widespread environmental impact of something as seemingly innocent as a summer backyard barbecue. He suggests that the solution lies in readily available, clean burning hydrogen fuel. “It is the most abundant molecule in the universe and has limitless potential.” Hydrogen, “gives a much more efficient flame,” and there is no harmful atmospheric byproduct. The author goes on to discuss in detail the dangers inherent in the carbon dioxide emissions of the standard propane and charcoal grills.

“Where Is the Water?” published on TodaysCarbonFootprints.com, details the alarming quickness with which earth’s most valuable resource: water, is being depleted. He discusses the possibilities and advantages of converting ocean water into fresh, potable water ready for human consumption. “We only drink fresh water which is alarmingly in low amount considering the population of our planet and the uses of our water supplies.” In the meantime, readers are advised to do what they can to conserve water. The blog offers advice on how to go about it.

“Were you aware that biodiesel, electric and HHO technology is not as difficult or expensive as we have been led to believe?” asks TodaysCarbonFootprints.com on the page “BioFuel, Electric, or HHO Conversion.” In this blog post, the author compares the advantages and drawbacks contained within each of these fuel-efficient, eco-friendly cars. The author claims that the high price of these technologically advanced vehicles is offset by the lower fuel cost, less damage to the environment, and more.

About TodaysCarbonFootprints.com:

TodaysCarbonFootprints.com was launched in May of 2011 with articles about the environment and going green. WebsiteBusiness is responsible for designing and maintaining the site structure of OutdoorSportsPro.com.


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