June 23, 2011

KLM To Use Biofuel For 200 Commercial Flights

Dutch airline KLM said on Wednesday that it will use a biofuel generated from used cooking oil to power over 200 commercial flights between Paris and Amsterdam.

The company said in a statement that using the fuel involved no technical changes to its aircraft.

"There will be 50 percent traditional kerosene and 50 percent biofuel extracted from used cooking oil," KLM spokesman Gedi Schrijver told AFP.

The spokesman said KLM is the first airline to use this type of fuel in commercial flights.

"All biofuels used by KLM also have to meet precisely the same technical specifications as traditional kerosene and must not require any adjustments to aircraft engines or infrastructure," the statement said.

Dynamic Fuels, a U.S.-based company, made the bio-kerosene primarily from vegetable cooking oil that comes from restaurants.

KLM said that "the costs of biofuels need to come down substantially and permanently," before the company would contemplate using "100 percent sustainable energy."

Air travel is responsible for about 3 percent of greenhouse gases.  The European Union told airlines earlier this year they would have to cut their carbon emission by three percent on flights to the continent in 2012.

KLM said using the hybrid fuel in 200 flights is "another important step in aviation sustainability."

The flights will start taking place in September 2011.


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