Professional Plastics, Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement for Meldin® Polyimide Shapes

June 28, 2011

Professional Plastics, Inc. has signed a formal agreement with Saint Gobain Performance Plastics for the distribution of Meldin® 7000, 6000 and 2000 series polyimide shapes for the North American and SE Asian markets.

Fullerton, CA (PRWEB) June 27, 2011

Professional Plastics, Inc. has signed a formal agreement with Saint Gobain Performance Plastics for the distribution of Meldin® polyimide shapes in the North American and SE Asian markets. The agreement covers Meldin ® 7000 series, as well as, 2000 series and 6000 series polyimide shapes.

Meldin 7000 series is the most recent addition to the Meldin family of polyimide products. These materials are targeted at the most demanding applications in markets such as semiconductor processing and aircraft engine components.

Meldin 7000 series thermoset polyimide materials exhibit geometric stability at high temperature, long life at higher loads and speeds, low-outgassing, and reduced etch rate in semiconductor process equipment. These materials also exhibit extremely high geometric stability at elevated temperatures. Testing has shown Meldin® 7000 to have less than 0.04% variation from its original dimensions after cycling from 73°F (22.77°C) to 500°F (260°C) over a 2 day period.

The self-lubricating grades of Meldin® 7000 do not melt when exposed to high load (P), or high speed (V) applications, as compared to more traditional PTFE or thermoplastic polymers. P x V limits for Meldin® 7000 self-lubricating grades exceed 300,000 in dry environments and past 1,000,000 in liquid or grease lubricated environments.

Meldin ® 7000 Series polyimide shapes are produced in five standard grades:

Meldin ® 7001, Unfilled Polyimide (PI)

Meldin ® 7021, PI + 15% by weight graphite filler

Meldin ® 7211, PI + 15% by weight graphite and 10% by weight PTFE fillers

Meldin ® 7022, PI + 40% by weight graphite filler.

Meldin ® 7003, PI+ 15% molybdenum disulfide lubricating filler

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Meldin® 2000 Series Compounds are targeted at more price-driven and less demanding applications than the 7000 series.

Meldin 2000 Series Grades Include:

Meldin® 2001 – This material is best suited for thermal and electrical insulation and radiation resistance. Meldin 2001 has the highest compressive properties of any material in the series. Black in Color

Meldin® 2021 – A multi-purpose bearing grade for high temperature and high load applications, Meldin 2021 maintains its strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures. Black in Color

Meldin® 2030 – The Meldin 2030 bearing compound operates with extremely low friction in both dynamic and static applications and provides thermal and electrical insulation. Chocolate Brown in Color

Meldin® 2211 – Meldin 2211 offers the balanced properties of low friction, high strength and resistance to compressive creep.

Meldin® 2000 applications include high-performance, bearing components in motors, general industrial equipment and machinery, and business machines. Meldin 2000 series is also utilized in heat-resistant parts used in glass bottle production, Meldin® take-out inserts and grippers are used for mold removal and transfer of red-hot bottles. Meldin® components improve bottle quality and production yield. Due to their low thermal conductivity, they reduce microcracking caused by rapid, non-uniform cooling. Other applications include parts within welding and plasma cutting equipment. Because of their high temperature capabilities, Meldin® materials improve wear life of welding and plasma cutting equipment.

Meldin 2000 Series Polyimide Shapes


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