Unique Combined Ultraviolet UV and VIS Photometric and Stray Light Calibration Filter Released by NSG Precision Cells

July 11, 2011

Calibrating a UV VIS spectrophotometer has been a complicated task for researchers for decades. This task has been greatly simplified by NSG Precision Cells with the release of their new FUV spectrophotometer calibration filter. This unique filter is only manufactured by NSG and has become a necessary tool for any laboratory that uses a spectrophotometer.

Farmingdale, NY (PRWEB) July 10, 2011

A UV VIS spectrophotometer is a highly sophisticated piece of scientific equipment that is used to measure the light spectrum. These machines costs thousands of dollars due to the amount of optics that are housed inside these instruments. Researchers often invest $10,000 in a UV VIS spectrophotometer, and it is critical to ensure that these instruments work properly.

UV VIS spectrophotometer calibration has been a difficult obstacle to overcome for years. Recently, through research into nano-deposition layering, NSG Precision Cells has released a one of a kind UV VIS spectrophotometer calibration standard that has been highly sought after.

This unique calibration standard is called the FUV Spectrophotometer Calibration Filter. This calibration standard has a dual usage. The first is that it can test for stray light effects, stray light is light that does not follow the correct light path. If there is stray light, the readings of the UV VIS spectrophotometer will be incorrect.

The second use for NSG’s FUV filter is to check for photometric accuracy in the UV and VIS range. This range is from 200 nm all the way to 700 nm. No other calibration products on the market can compete with this broad wavelength range. Most companies require researchers to purchase a minimum of 2-4 calibration standards to do what one FUV filter can do.

A research and development specialist from NSG said, “We saw the limitations that scientists were faced with and this is how the FUV Filter was born.”

NSG Precision Cells has been manufacturing cuvettes for spectrophotometers and fluorometers for over 50 years. The FUV UV VIS spectrophotometer calibration filter has been a strong addition to their current product line and they expect a 20% increase in demand for this calibration standard in 2012.

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