Medivet Expands Adipose Stem Cell Therapy Into The United Kingdom

July 12, 2011

The groundbreaking Medivet In-house Adipose Stem Cell Therapy revolutionizing Global veterinary regenerative medicine will soon be available to animals in the United Kingdom.

(PRWEB) July 11, 2011

The groundbreaking Medivet In-house Adipose Stem Cell Therapy revolutionizing Global veterinary regenerative medicine will soon be available to animals in the United Kingdom.

Medivet has signed an exclusive Master Distribution Agreement with medical products and distribution company Medical Australia Limited (ASX: MLA) which will see Medivet enter the market in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The move has already resulted in radical growth in the value of Medical Australia Limited shares as they prepare to take Medivet’s Adipose Stem Cell Therapy to over 10,000 veterinary practices in the United Kingdom.

For the first time in history, with Medivet’s Technology, Veterinarians are now able to perform Regenerative Stem Cell Procedures entirely within their own Clinic, having the patient in and out in only a few hours. The procedure involves using the animal’s own stem cells harvested from Adipose (fatty) tissue to promote regeneration of problem areas. This in-house breakthrough removed the need to send a harvested fat sample to an external laboratory and waiting days to receive the cells for re-injection. This saves the owner multiple trips to the Clinic.

The Adipose Stem Cell Procedure technology has gained unprecedented support across the globe in expanding to over 10 countries, attracting weekly international media for the outstanding results seen on a daily basis, enabling the animal to be pain free and experience an improved quality of life.

MLA already has an experienced business manager based in London with extensive

expertise and customer contacts in the animal healthcare sector throughout the United Kingdom. The Adipose Stem Cell Procedure should be available to Veterinary Clinics and Equine Centres in the United Kingdom within 4 weeks.

With over 10,000 practices operating in the UK, the Master Distributorship presents a major future revenue driver for both Medivet and Medical Australia Limited.

Medivet CEO Shaneel Khan says “the distribution agreement with MLA is a major milestone for in-house stem cell treatment for animals in the United Kingdom in providing a drug free procedure that is relieving the pain of animals suffering degenerative conditions”.

“Our in-house Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is a proven, successful treatment for animals suffering arthritis, hip dysplasia, cartilage injuries and other degenerative conditions. Medivet has developed the Technology in a way that has allowed, for the first time in history, Stem Cell Procedures to be affordable for all families globally. The cost of the procedure has been dramatically reduced from previous technologies, saving customers thousands of dollars while offering the latest breakthrough technology in stem cell therapy.

“Its drug free and fast-acting,” he says. “We are excited to have this opportunity to take our In-house Adipose Stem Cell Therapy to the United Kingdom where there are thousands of animals living in chronic pain.

“Our treatment is life changing for both the animals and their families and will have a massive impact on vet care in Great Britain and the entire United Kingdom.”

Mr Khan says this agreement illustrates the value Medivet places on its relationship with MLA.

“Medical Australia Limited is well-placed to control the entire supply chain for these new markets, from manufacturing through to sales and distribution. We are confident that with Medivet and MLA’s combined vision to improve the quality of life of suffering animals, MLA is positioned to successfully manage our introduction to the United Kingdom and ensure Medivet’s stem cell technology becomes a part of mainstream veterinary care.


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