July 26, 2011

Without Taking Sides, One Man Tries A Fresh Approach To End The Ongoing Debate On Evolution

Laramie, Wyoming, July 26, 2011 - A lover of the outdoors, Frost has spent many hours on canoeing trips in different parts of the world, providing him ample time for meditation and connecting with his own spirituality. Also, his qualifications as a professor enable him to lay out the facts of evolution that nearly everyone can agree on!  The earth is immensely old, life can be traced to one ancient predecessor, and creatures have changed progressively over time.

In Religion Versus Science: Where Both Sides go Wrong in The Great Evolution Debate (O-Books), Ron Frost sheds new light on the argument that has been at the center of many cultural wars and separates worldly, secular people from Christians and other religions. Frost's book brings a fresh approach to both sides of this seemingly never-ending debate and offers something for every belief.

In Religion Versus Science, Frost works from the premise that science, which deals with the materialistic aspects of reality, and religion, which deals with the subjective way we relate to the outer world, are compatible rather than contradictory ways of viewing reality. He notes that it is understandable why Evangelical Christians have long been irritated by scientists "Ëœstretching' the facts to present the "scientific" view that evolution is a sort of hit and miss process where the only value to human life is as a transporter of all-important genes!

In his book, Frost shows that the religious view where we are immersed in a spiritual dimension can be combined with scientific evidence for the antiquity of the Earth to form a theory of evolution that is consistent with the principal teachings of all but the most Fundamentalist of the world's religions.

His years as an editor for two major scientific journals and a professor of Geology at the University of Wyoming, together with twenty-five years as a practicing Buddhist, gives Ron Frost noteworthy credentials for finding a common ground between science and religion.  For more information, please visit the author's website at: www.ronfrost.com