SinusWars has Discovered the Link between Stress and Sinusitis.

August 5, 2011

SinusWars15 brings Yoga in a bottle

NY,NY (PRWEB) August 04, 2011

Psychoneurobiology is a whole new field of study that explores the ways our emotions impact on our physical well-being. It is accepted that stress and anxiety affect the immune system, endocrine system as well as neurological functions. By affecting these systems of the body, the body can be made physically ill.

There have been extensive studies done to demonstrate that being under continuous stress can cause infections and hence inflammation of the nasal and sinus membranes. Apart from bad habits such as smoking, stress can cause habits such as blowing the nose forcefully and rubbing it frequently. This will cause irritation that also leads to inflammation and sometimes bleeding. The body also becomes susceptible to viruses and bacteria when the immune system is under stress.

SinusWars research and development department has formulated an easy to carry natural remedy, SinusWars15. SinusWars15 was designed not only to calm your nerves but your entire body. SinusWars15 provides a full calming effect, “It is like having yoga in a bottle” says the CEO Treveshen Padayachee.

SinusWars15 not only targets sinusitis but removes the trigger in this case being stress. Adaptogens are substances that help the body cope with stress and the homeopathic ingredients within SinusWars15 work as adaptogens.

One of the ingredients Argentum Nitricum deals with a whole range of complications due to stress. Its actions are so vast that it even remedies “Ëœpeople who are in a hurry’. It is a particularly good ingredient for people with nervous dispositions. The immune system needs to be regulated during periods of stress and that is what Abrus Precatorius does. It also serves as a nerve tonic and relieves emotional shock or trauma. Adrenalinum is an ingredient that gets rid of excess watery nasal discharge. It also relieves pressure at the root of the nose.

Nux vomica will help the digestive complaints as well as high blood pressure due to stress. It also controls mood swings that are brought on by stress. An ingredient that acts specifically on the nervous system is Viburnum Opulus. It treats sinusitis as well as regulating nerve function and stress hormones. The lowered immune system is given a boost with Zincum Metallicum. Sleep patterns are regulated and general stress levels.

In summary the following symptoms are treated by SinusWars15:

  •     Stress, all forms
  •     Sinusitis and stress
  •     A weakened immune system due to stress
  •     A hypersensitive nervous system
  •     Stress headaches
  •     Fatigue and low mood that is associated with stress

Sometimes all the body needs is a nudge in the right direction. SinusWars15 will allow the body to get back to functioning optimally and emotions will be balanced in such a way as to give the mental confidence back to live a healthier lifestyle thereby preventing the recurrence of symptoms.

To order this brillant remedy today, go to http://www.sinuswars.com/remedies/sinuswars15.asp

SinusWars has a broad range of homeopathic remedies to treat almost all sinus problems imaginable. To view their range go to http://www.sinuswars.com/sinus-pressure.asp

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Treveshen Padayachee (CEO)


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