Marlin Steel Wire Products Acquires Trumpf TruBend Press Brake for Precision, Speed, and Safety.

August 9, 2011

Marlin Steel’s new Trumpf Press Brake has 132 tons of force and a 122″ (3098mm) bending length accelerating delivery times and improving the precision of the bends. The quality is superb for example the tolerances are extremely tight: 0.25 degree angle tolerance along the entire bed length of 122″ and the ram tolerance is 0.0004″ (10 microns).

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) August 08, 2011

Marlin Steel Wire Products announces the addition of a new high-performance robot in its top-of-the-line robotics fleet. With precision up to 10 microns and 0.25 degrees along with 132 tons of force, the Trumpf TruBend 3120 will enable Marlin Steel Wire engineers to produce high-quality sheet metal work at increased efficiency and refined accuracy.

As part of Marlin’s plan for expansion to meet increasing demands, the Trumpf TruBend 3120 press brake will enable Marlin Steel to fill job orders at unmatched rates. Kashyap Alur, Marlin Steel mechanical engineer who spear headed projects for Delta Airline’s Pratt Whitney Engine racks and baskets, explains “the four axis back gauge enables us to perform complex bends so that the designs can have fewer welds. This allows us the conditions to have sheet metal fabrications with the integrity and consistency of steel as opposed to welding. Bending is also faster to execute.” The beam moves at 200mm/sec as it reaches the bending edge, allowing for fast cycle speeds.

Christopher Elwood, Marlin Steel’s mechanical engineer that launched the Becton Dickinson and Medtronic project, insists the best part of the new press brake for sheet metal fabrication is the ability to download the part directly from AutoCAD software. The same software is used to design Marlin Steel’s punch layout programs, leaving software formats fully integrated. Most significant is the elimination of transposition errors. According to Elwood, “there is more than $50,000 in software alone to integrate all these systems. We have the most seamless system in the industry.” It simplifies the process of designing parts, allowing Marlin Steel to ship faster and more efficiently.

“Quality is king at Marlin,” said Marlin Steel mechanical engineer Daniel Hegarty. “The ram on our new press brake holds ten micron tolerance. I did not say millimeters… I said microns!” Hegarty was instrumental in the manufacture for telecommunication racks and forms shipped to China, Singapore and Ireland. The Trumpf TruBend 3120 is accurate to 10 microns and 0.25 degrees on a 122″ (3104mm) beam length.

With ultra-precise tooling of the new press brake, Marlin Steel can handle an array of angled bends. The use of up to 5 CNC-controlled backgauge axes result in angled bends processed precisely without a problem. Tony Witt, Marlin Steel Wire’s mechanical engineer who was responsible for the recent Northrup and Raytheon projects stated, “122 inch bed and 132 tons of force broaden our ability to quickly bend thicker and bigger sheets than ever before.” The Marlin Steel press brake brings flexibility to all job specifications no matter their shape, size or placement.

Marlin Steel’s new Trumpf TruBend 3120 also reflects the company’s championing of safety in the workplace. The Trumpf BendGuard is conveniently integrated into the bending process, combining operator safety and productivity. This safety mechanism uses laser technology to sense interfering obstacles, such as a human hand. After the obstacle is removed the bending process can continue at rapid speeds upon operator reactivation of the foot pedal.

These intrinsic values of performance, quality, reliability, and safety lend themselves to Marlin Steel’s successes. In addition to expanding factory workspace and machine technology according to Drew Greenblatt, President of Marlin Steel, “we are ramping up our intellectual horsepower. We just hired two more mechanical engineers within the last week. This is our secret sauce. By the end of the month, 30% of our team will be mechanical engineers or designers.” This emphasis on innovation is super charging Marlin’s growth. The company grew 41% in the first six months of 2011 compared to 2010, “our best year ever” reports Greenblatt. The new Marlin Steel Press Brake will continue this trend, adding depth and variety to Marlin Steel’s engineering solutions.


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