August 22, 2005

Mirant may shut Potomac River plant due pollution

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mirant on Monday said it may shut down
its Potomac River generating station in two days unless it can
resolve concerns about the air quality in the vicinity of the
power plant.

The bankrupt power company has already reduced output at
the plant's five units to their "lowest feasible levels" in
response to the concerns, according to a statement.

But the company said the coal-fired plant, which produces
482 megawatts of electricity for Washington D.C. and nearby
communities, is in compliance with emissions limits in its
operating permits.

Mirant said a computer-modeling study completed August 19
in co-operation with the Virginia Department of Environmental
Quality found three types of emissions from the plant can
potentially affect localised air quality in a way that exceeds
national standards.