August 24, 2005

Scientist Quits Global Warming Panel

DENVER (AP) -- Colorado State University scientist Roger Pielke Sr. has resigned from a Bush administration science advisory team in a disagreement over research into the causes of global warming.

Pielke, who is also the state climatologist, said the Climate Change Science Program had minimized evidence that factors other than greenhouse gases can contribute to global warming.

Pielke also said other members of the team went behind his back to rewrite a final chapter of its report. Pielke said he was the primary author of the original chapter.

Pielke said he agrees with many other researchers that human activity is changing the climate in significant ways, but he has focused on such factors as clearing land for cities and agriculture, which he said can affect temperature, wind and humidity.

"I think each member of the committee is an outstanding scientist, and each is sincere ... but they're missing the broader view we need to have of climate change," Pielke said.