August 25, 2005

Tanzania receives grant for coastal conservation

DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzania got a World Bank loan on
Thursday to help it conserve and protect stocks of fish, a
vital food source for millions living by the sea.

The bank signed a $51 million concessional loan and $10
million in a grant for a six-year program to manage the marine
and coastal environment.

"Even if you forget the growth that populations will have
within the next 20 years, already today you see the stresses of
existing populations," said Judy O'Connor, World Bank director
for Tanzania and Uganda.

"Sound management of these coastal and marine areas is

The money will be used to collect data on fish stock,
improve processing, create new market opportunities, provide
grants for villagers and improve surveillance against illegal
fishing by foreign vessels.

A quarter of the 140 million people in east African coastal
nations live near the sea, so Tanzania's new program should be
rolled out to neighboring countries, O'Connor said.