September 5, 2005

EU to help China tackle greenhouse gas emissions

BEIJING (Reuters) - The European Union agreed on Monday to
give China the technology for a coal-fired power station
designed to combat global warming.

The clean coal-power plant will employ carbon capture and
storage technology through which the coal plant can hold its
own emissions of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2),
burying it in porous rock underground for long-term storage.

The offer, announced at an EU-China summit, comes as
developed nations seek to engage emerging market powerhouses
like China and India in global moves to stem climate change.

Industrialized countries fear that efforts to reduce their
own greenhouse gas emissions will be undermined by rising
emissions from developing countries.

The agreement "will include cooperation on the development,
deployment and transfer of low carbon technology, including
advanced near-zero-emissions coal technology through carbon
capture and storage," read a joint EU-China statement.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, at the summit in Beijing
because his country holds the rotating EU presidency, has made
climate change a priority for this year, when London also
presides the Group of Eight rich nations.

Blair said China would participate in a "dialogue" between
countries on climate change. Blair will also seek to engage
India in the global warming debate at an EU-India summit in New
Delhi on Wednesday.

Coal is China's main energy source, satisfying 75 percent
of the country's needs, said Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao
at the summit.

An EU-China partnership on climate change was set up at the
summit that will lead to cooperation on technology and
discussion on tackling global warming, the statement said.