May 18, 2006

Smithsonian Opens Antarctica Exhibit

WASHINGTON (AP) - Photographer Joan Myers spent months exploring Antarctica and recording its stark beauty. An exhibit of her photos opens Thursday at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

"I have seen part of the planet that few have seen, and I have had the time to walk and photograph and feel our world without its veneer of human activity. Antarctica cannot be tamed," Myers wrote in her journal of the time she spent there.

"Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journey," will remain on display in Washington until Sept. 4 and then will go on tour at museums across the country through 2010.

Myers documented what life was like at the U.S. McMurdo research station, explored the interior of the continent by plane, ship, helicopter and snowmobile, photographed on a Coast Guard icebreaker, was at the South Pole, visited the Dry Valleys and was on Mt. Erebus, an active volcano.

She worked in freezing temperatures, sometimes with wind chills as low as 84 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.


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