June 5, 2006

UNESCO team to probe Bosnia’s “ancient pyramid”

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Bosnia's mystery pyramid will now be
probed and inspected by a team of experts from the U.N.
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

"We shall send a UNESCO expert team to Visoko to determine
exactly what it is all about," UNESCO Secretary General
Koichiro Matsuura said in an interview published on Monday in
Dnevni Avaz newspaper.

Amateur archaeologist Semir Osmanagic has caused a stir
with his find, although local and European archaeologists
denounce it as nonsense.

Geologist Aly Abd Barakat, an Egyptian researcher sent by
Cairo to assist Osmanagic's team last month, has said that the
Visocica hill did appear to be a primitive man-made pyramid of
uncertain age.

Barakat said huge stone blocks found on the three sides of
the hill used the same type of artificial cement used in
ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Osmanagic's team is also investigating the Pljesevica hill
-- which he calls the Moon Pyramid -- as well as underground
tunnels he believes connect three pyramids.

The researchers have also found a sandstone monolith in the
underground tunnel with enigmatic symbols engraved on it, which
will be sent to Egypt for analysis.

Osmanagic, who studied pyramids in central America for the
past 15 years, said that satellite and radar analyses have
revealed the perfect geometry of Visocica and precise alignment
of its sides with four cardinal points.