November 20, 2006

Widening Applications Create Growth Potential for Cellulose Ether in Personal Care Products

LONDON, November 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Cellulose ether has a wide range of applications and its market exhibits a non-cyclical behaviour. This makes it an attractive proposition to both manufacturers and cellulose suppliers. The personal care industry, one of the several industries served by cellulose ether manufacturers, is growing strongly in Europe. To leverage growth opportunities, cellulose ether suppliers need to deliver innovative and effective ingredients and remain aware of trends in the dynamic personal care industry.

Frost & Sullivan ( finds that the European Market for Cellulose Ethers in Personal Care will earn revenues of EUR82.0 million in 2006 and estimates this to reach EUR115.4 million in 2013.

"Cellulose ethers contribute a wide range of properties to personal care products," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Ms. Niranjana. "Functioning primarily as rheology modifiers, ethers can be used for enhanced conditioning and can also form part of the delivery system of other active ingredients. The cellulose backbone can be modified with a range of substitute groups, enabling the final properties to be customised to end-user needs."

As the application base expands, demand from the personal care products market is set to rise. In particular, increasing demand from men's personal care products and sun care products presents significant growth potential for cellulose ether manufacturers.

Europe, initially a dominant hub for cellulose ether production, is now facing growing price pressure from Asian-based companies that offer cheaper counterparts. As competition intensifies, European manufacturers are adjusting their product lines to ensure enhanced product portfolios and customer service.

"The highly competitive personal care market is experiencing severe price-pressures," cautions Ms. Niranjana. "This is being compounded by end-user demands for more cost-effective products and by cheap equivalents produced by super markets."

A key solution to overcoming this challenge will be to use multi-functional ingredients that can add maximum benefit to the final formulation, while allowing formulators to gain better margins. Additionally, ensuring the compatibility of an ingredient with other components in the formulation will be essential for its incorporation into the final product.

"Product formulators should launch new products to meet the needs of their customers; as the consumers become increasingly savvy about the products they purchase, it is crucial to impress them," adds Ms. Niranjana. "Awareness of the chemical and geographical demands of the product formulator is also indispensable to success, particularly since the personal products industry has a consolidated customer base."

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