December 3, 2006

‘Gorgeous’ Australian Skincare Line Launches in U.S.

ATLANTA, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Americans can be as "gorgeous" as their Aussie counterparts now that an elite Australian skincare line, which uses only the rarest 100% Pure and Natural essential oils, has hit American soil.

Gorgeous, a high-end, hand-made skincare product company in Australia, launched its products, which include Over One Hundred Bunches of Real Roses in a Bottle Double Blended Serum, in the U.S. on Nov. 15. Since all Gorgeous products are hand-made and the ingredient oils are limited in supply, the line is available through only one U.S. retailer. Alchemist's Apprentice, , an online apothecary selling 100% synthetic and chemical-free personal care products, carries the products, which range in price from $59-$350 and include a variety of creams, oils and cleansers.

All Gorgeous products are hand-blended and pure, containing no water, no petroleum byproducts and no unwanted chemicals. Each product is made only from the rarest and most sought after 100% Pure and Natural essential oils, which is the internationally-recognized standard applied to only 1% of essential oils available in the world.

For example, in the Over One Hundred Bunches of Real Roses in a Bottle Double Blended Serum, which contains 100% Pure and Natural essential rose oil from Bulgaria and Turkey, several hundred roses are required just to make one bottle. "We've researched the market for over two years now, and there is no product like ours simply because there isn't enough rose oil of this quantity to go round," says Dee Light, director of Gorgeous Business. "Our product is the real thing."

"Gorgeous has been one of the best kept secrets amongst women in Australia since the company started five years ago," says Pamela Cronan-Maddox, president and founder of Alchemist's Apprentice. "Because of the rarity and limited quantities of the oils, it's a bit like discovering a fine wine aged to perfection or a very rare blue diamond."

Clive Newland, Dee's husband, an aromatherapist with nearly 20 years experience, is the brains behind the formulations, all of which the couple personally hand-make on their premises in Noosa, Australia. For more information, visit .

The Alchemist's Apprentice, which was founded in 2005 by president Pamela Cronan-Maddox, is an online apothecary dedicated to offering the finest natural and organic personal and skincare products from across the world. All products on the Web site are 100% synthetic and chemical free. Lines available on the Alchemist's Apprentice include Farmaesthetics(R), Simply Organic, suki, Alchemy of Colour Mineral Cosmetics, deep steep and more. For more information, visit .

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