February 12, 2007

Frantz Ward LLP Hires Joseph P. Koncelik, Former Director of Ohio EPA, to Head Up New Environmental Practice Area

CLEVELAND, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Frantz Ward LLP announced today that Joseph P. Koncelik, most recently director of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, joined the firm as a partner. Koncelik will head up an environmental law practice, something new for Frantz Ward.

Koncelik has over 12 years of environmental regulatory experience in senior positions at the Ohio EPA, including Director, Assistant Director and Chief Legal Counsel. In his practice at Frantz Ward, Mr. Koncelik will focus on environmental matters and government relations.

Koncelik brings extensive experience in environmental matters to Frantz Ward. During his tenure at the Ohio EPA, Mr. Koncelik developed and implemented major regulatory changes to air pollution, water pollution, solid waste, and industrial waste regulations, serving on joint committees that streamlined the environmental permitting process and aided in the redevelopment of contaminated properties. He also served on the Clean Ohio Counsel, which awards grants to pay for clean up of contamination so brownfields can be returned to productive use.

Koncelik was instrumental in the development of a number of critical pieces of environmental legislation. In 2006, he was the Governor's representative in legislative discussions regarding S.B. 265, constituting the first major overhaul to Ohio's air pollution regulations in more than a decade.

As a senior state official, Koncelik actively collaborated with U.S. EPA and other states in national and regional discussions involving air pollution and the Great Lakes, participating in a multi-state collaboration to help develop strategies to meet the new federal air standards. He also served in a leadership role in the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration and co-chaired a subcommittee created to address contaminated sediment in the Great Lakes.

As part of his duties as Chief Legal Counsel for the EPA, he was responsible for management of their enforcement program, maintaining an active case load of over 500 cases.

"I am excited to join Frantz Ward. I'm looking forward to using my extensive experience to assist businesses in accomplishing their goals while complying with complex environmental law and regulations," said Koncelik.

Since leaving public service, Koncelik has provided consulting assistance to the Greater Cleveland Partnership, helping develop strategies to assist Northeast Ohio in meeting the federal ozone and fine particle standards.

Koncelik received his Bachelor of Arts degree and Juris Doctor from The Ohio State University.

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