March 6, 2007

Scuderi Group Introduces First Hybrid Power Generator

The Scuderi Group today announced the first ever hybrid power generator technology that it will begin licensing for generator applications ranging from backyard power back ups to more industrial power-plant environments. Recent studies show that its break-through air-hybrid internal combustion engine technology can provide significantly increased efficiently levels while dramatically decreasing the level of toxic emissions.

Sophisticated computer modeling at a world renowned independent research and testing laboratory, previously done on mobile applications, revealed that in relatively constant load and speed applications -- such as a generator -- using the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine Technology in a generator application could dramatically increase efficiency and decrease emissions. Further, a Scuderi Air-Hybrid Generator would have the additional capability of recapturing energy normally lost through waste heat, increasing efficiency by up to 25 to 50 percent and decreasing toxic emissions by up to 80 percent.

"Applying our unique air-hybrid engine design to a power generator application, provides manufacturers and power plant facilities with brand new alternative to generating power using far less fuel while cutting emissions to historical levels," said Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group.

The duty cycle of an electric generator is less stringent than a mobile application, such as an automotive vehicle. Electric generators run at narrower speed and load ranges, therefore the inherent advantages of the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine -- faster flame speed, lower NOx, and higher efficiency -- could be more advantageously tuned to meet these narrower conditions.

Generally, power density and efficiency are a trade off in any mobile engine application. But this is not the case in a stationary power generator, which means that the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine can be designed for maximum efficiency.

The Scuderi Group includes experts in fluid and thermodynamics, engine technology, patent and commercial law, licensing, government relations, business management and finance. The technology is based on the research and inventions of the late Carmelo Scuderi (1925-2002) who spent over 40 years inventing, developing and commercializing new technology. He is best known in the engineering profession for his oil-less compressor technology that changed the method used by the refrigeration and air-conditioning market to recycle ozone-depleting refrigerant chemicals.

The first air-hybrid engine prototypes are expected to be completed in 2007. This patented design represents the most significant breakthrough for internal combustion engines to come along in decades, an advance that takes on added significance given rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns. The Scuderi Air-Hybrid Engine is also adaptable to diesel and gasoline automobiles, commercial vehicles and any other applications powered by internal combustion engines.

About The Scuderi Group

Based in West Springfield, Mass., The Scuderi Group is an engine development company focused on improving the performance of the internal combustion engine. The revolutionary Scuderi Engine Technology is the most significant improvement in engine performance in decades and can be applied to any internal combustion engine including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and natural gas. The Scuderi Engine, along with its Air-Hybrid feature, is expected to almost double vehicle mileage and reduces toxic emissions by as much as 80 percent. Besides improving efficiency and reducing emissions, the Scuderi Air-Hybrid Technology also improves power and performance at a cost that is thousands of dollars below the current hybrid systems. The Scuderi Technology is patented worldwide with six patents issued and several pending in over 45 countries. For more information call 413-439-0343, visit on the Web at or participate in the discussion at