March 10, 2007

Alaska Halibut Season Opens

The halibut season opened in Alaska Saturday and fishermen racing to get the first fish to market said prices were likely to be high.

The Anchorage Daily News said factors driving the consumer price well over $10 a pound included a growing demand and a shrinking catch. Also, Alaska halibut is favored by environmentally conscious eaters who worry about over-fished stocks, the Daily News reported.

Kodiak fisherman Brian Young, skipper of the 68-foot Heritage, called Saturday's opening of the eight-month season a 24-hour derby.

When I say derby, it's a race to get that first fish to the market, Young told the newspaper. The first fish is where we get these high prices. A lot of the markets are competing to get that first fish to the restaurants.

The first prices can indicate what consumers will pay for their halibut the rest of the year, the Daily News reported.