March 13, 2007

Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc. Introduces High Performance Resin Cleaning Solvent That Enables Composites Manufacturers to Rework Tooling and Clean Precision Components, Reduces Environmental Impact

Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc., a Silicon Valley pioneer in green chemical technology, has developed a highly effective and environmentally friendly epoxy and polyester resin cleaning solvent for a broad set of industrial applications.

ACL-23 EpoxSol(TM) effortlessly cleans and removes cured resins without gumming or drying with the first application every time. Derived from technology used to clean microelectronic components, ACL-23 is optimized for fast throughput cleaning cycles. In one application EpoxSol solvent reduced the chemical cleaning time by more than 10X. These product attributes help minimize inventory of critical parts and tools, thereby reducing production down times associated with cleaning. Significant cost-of-ownership improvements are realized with this enabling chemistry.

Since EpoxSol resin remover is virtually odorless and contains no Acetone, MEK, or MIBK it can be used in spray or immersion tank applications. It offers wide process latitude that allows application at temperatures ranging from 23 degrees C to 80 degrees C for thick, highly cross-linked epoxy or polyester resin coatings. Furthermore, EpoxSol resin remover has been specifically formulated to be non-corrosive to metals. It is 100% compatible with aluminum and aluminum alloys, stainless steel, brass, copper and other metals which yields damage-free critical parts cleaning.

Applied Chemical Laboratories will support customers with manual, semi- and fully-automated cleaning systems. Applied's equipment engineering group will work directly with customers to custom tailor a complete turn-key package of chemistry and equipment that meets their most stringent production needs.

ACL-23 EpoxSol solvent is available in 5-gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 330 gallon totes and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers).

About Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

Applied Chemical Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale California, the heart of Silicon Valley. Applied Chemical Laboratories is dedicated to research and development of green chemistry and manufactures advanced chemicals and polymers used in microelectronic, petrochemical, biomedical, and construction industries. Visit us on the web at

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