March 22, 2007

Global ReLeaf of Michigan Seventeenth Annual Tree Sale Underway

SAGINAW, Mich., March 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Spring is around the corner and once again Global ReLeaf of Michigan is offering for sale to the public, bare root trees especially selected for their hardiness and ability to prosper in both urban and rural areas. Funds raised through the annual tree sale support community tree plantings throughout Michigan.

All trees/shrubs are bare-root, single or multi-stemmed 3 - 6 feet in height depending on species. Trees offered are: Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Crimson King Norway Maple, Swamp White Oak, Littleleaf Linden, River Birch, "Autumn Brilliance" Serviceberry, Japanese Tree Lilac, Red Bud, White & Red flowering Crabapple, & Honeycrisp Apple. New this year, we are also offering Specialty Trees for sale consisting of tree species not readily available at most local nurseries. These will also be 3 - 6 ft and include Paperbark Maple, Yellowwood, and Green Vase Zelkova. Additionally, we will also have 4 types of bare-root shrubs (1-2 ft) & 3 types of bare-root evergreens (about 2 ft) for sale this year. The shrubs are "Endless Summer" Hydrangea, "Blue Muffin" Arrowwood Viburnum, "Wine & Roses" Wiegela, & Oakleaf Hydrangea. The evergreens are Eastern White Pine, Serbian Spruce, and American Arborvitae.

Orders must be prepaid by April 6, 2007. Quantities are limited. Price for trees is $28.00 each, five or more are $25.00 each. Specialty trees are $50.00 each. The shrubs & evergreens are $20.00 each, five or more are $18.00 each. Please call (989) 759-2190 or email [email protected] to request an order form. Order forms can be printed off the Global ReLeaf website at

   We accept checks, money orders or credit card as payment.    Pick-up date & locations are:                   Saturday April 21, 2007  9am. - 2:00 pm.    Saginaw County Fairgrounds          City of Livonia, DPW Yard   Peet Road,                          12973 Farmington Rd.   Chesaning, MI                       Livonia, MI    Detroit Edison                      For-Mar Nature Preserve   Howell Service Center               Genesee County Parks   1095 Lawson Rd                      2142 North Genesee Rd.   Howell, MI                          Burton, MI    Mike's Tree Surgeon's, Inc.         Windmill Pointe Park   249 Park St.                        14920 Windmill Pointe Dr.   Troy, MI                            Grosse Pointe Park, MI    Ann Arbor City Nursery              Crego Park   1035 Ellsworth Rd                   1600 Fidelity Dr   Ann Arbor, MI                       N. Side of E. Mt Hope,                                       E. of Aurelius Rd   Springfield Oaks Park               Lansing, MI   12450 Andersonville Rd   Davisburg, MI    Friendship Park-Porritt Barn   Orion Township Parks & Rec.   Corner of Baldwin & Clarkston Rds.   Lake Orion, MI    Maps of pick-up locations will be on our website at   

Global ReLeaf of Michigan, Inc. is a 501 c 3 not for profit organization. Mission: "To educate the public on the value of trees and the need to properly select, plant and maintain them. This is accomplished by working with community groups with local tree planting projects and by providing informational material and presentations."

Global ReLeaf of Michigan

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