June 15, 2007

BASS BETS; Angler’s Sales Pitch a Long Story


ANGLER: Jay Guidaboni, 39, Plymouth.

OCCUPATION: Sales representative for Sherwin-Williams Paint Company. Sponsored by Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, Venom Baits, Bass Boat Saver, Vicious Tournament Team, Global Marine Insurance, Bob's Bait & Tackle and Falmouth Bait & Tackle.

BASS PAST: ABA New England East Division 5 Angler of Year 2006; ABA Eagle Angler of Year 2006; ABA Associate Angler of Year 2003,'05; Plymouth Rock Bassmasters Angler of Year four times; holds club's record for one-day five bass limit, 24.55-pounds. Guidaboni has 24 career wins.

FAVORITE LOCAL LAKE: Long Pond, 716 acres, Brewster/Harwich.

BEST DAY ON LONG POND: A 15-plus pound limit of smallies. His biggest largemouth was 3 1/2 pounds, biggest smallmouth 4 1/2 pounds. Average outing produces 7-14 bass except in spring when catching 20-40 is not unusual.


** 1 - Weedy area about 10 feet deep, best in spring for largemouth with 5-inch Venom Salty Sling (Senko style bait) rigged wacky style. Cast to overhangs, docks or fancast entire area.

** 2 - Submerged point out to 25 feet deep. Fish edges all year with 5-inch straight tail watermelon or green/pumpkin colored worm rigged Shakey Head style. In spring and fall use a blueshad 3/- ounce Nichols spinnerbait with tandem silver willow blades. This imitates the large herring population here. If tough, try a gold bladed Mepps No. 3 in-line spinner.

** 3-5 - Skip a 4-inch Venom Salty Tube, or Salty Sling under docks along entire stretch, anytime.

** 6 - Expansive flat 10-feet deep. Good spring or fall. Summer, fish only in a.m. or at dropoff. Use spinnerbait, in-line spinner or black/gold Lucky Craft suspending jerkbait over this area in spring and fall. Fish dropoff with Shakey Head worm rig or drop-shot a 5- inch straight tail worm. Use 8-pound Vicious fluorocarbon line to combat clear water conditions.

** 7, 8 - Rocky bottom main lake points, good all year with drop- shot 5-inch worm or drag a 4-inch tube along bottom out 25-30 feet deep.

** 9, 10 - Skip same baits under docks.

** 11 - Mouth of inlet where herring run occurs. Use the Nichols spinnerbait here.

** 12 - Cove with steep dropoff, good in summer, fall with drop- shot worm or Carolina rig a 5-inch green/pumpkin or watermelon/ redflake Zoom lizard on 40-inch leader.

** 13-15 - Expansive flat, 10-feet deep. Best in spring and fall with spinnerbaits and jerkbaits. Summer, fish dropoff with drop- shot worm.

** 16 - Steep dropping main lake point. Use drop-shot and watermelon/redflake 4-inch tube with 1/- 1/4 ounce tube heads.

** 17 - Fish very end of extended submerged gravel point about 10- feet deep surrounded by 20-plus foot depths. Good anytime with Carolina rigged lizard, drop-shot. Jerkbait from shallows out to deep end in spring.

** 18 - Weedy area with pads in front of bog. Fancast a Salty Sling weightless rigged wacky style over entire area in late spring or fall.

** 19 - Gravel bottom flat. Good in spring with jerkbait and in- line spinners.

** 20 - Steep shore in cove, fish in summer and fall with Carolina rigged lizard.

** 21 - Rock and gravel flats extending 75 yards from shore. Best in spawn, but produces all year. Use spinnerbait, in-line spinner and jerkbaits. Spinnerbait if windy.

TIP: In spite of having a large bass population, this lake can be very tough. Especially in midsummer. Fish can be found 20-30 feet deep and in 2-foot of water on same day. So try all depths and methods until you hook up.

ACCESS: Ramp at beach on Long Pond Road. Four-wheel drive recommended. Only open before Memorial Day and after Labor Day unless you have a resident sticker.

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CAPTION: (Numerically-labeled map of Long Pond. For complete graphic, see Boston Herald microfilm or .pdf.) STAFF GRAPHIC BY SARAH DUBOIS

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