July 9, 2007

American Can Complex in Ogden to Be Converted to Amer Sports HQ

By Anonymous

In preparation of Amer Sports Corp. moving its U.S. headquarters to Ogden, the company is working with developers and Ogden City to turn the former American Can complex into the Wasatch Mountain Center.

The American Can Co. structure was built in 1915 and for many years the long-neglected and abandoned factory has been an industrial eyesore in the city. The redevelopment of the building into the Wasatch Mountain Center will turn the center into an eco- friendly business campus.

"As a wintersport and outdoor business, we moved to Ogden to be close to these incredible mountains," said Mike Dowse, president and general manager of Amer Winter & Outdoor Americas. "As a responsible member of the community, we want to preserve and enhance the quality of life here. We're starting with the green redevelopment of the Wasatch Mountain Center, and we're continuing with green initiatives that will improve the way our employees work and live."

By revitalizing existing structures, the project is minimizing the need for new building materials while preventing thousands of cubic yards of old material from becoming landfill. Many materials that can't be reused are being recycled; several tons of sheet metal from the factory's floor are being salvaged.

To mitigate heat loss and absorption, crews are replacing old windows throughout the complex with Low-e doubleinsulated glass. Heating and cooling efficiency will be further improved by an intelligent climate control system, automated interior solar shades and high R-value blow-in cellulose insulation made of recycled newspaper.

Xeriscaping will emphasize drought-tolerant plants, with water sparingly dispensed by drip irrigation. Sod grass will have at most a token presence on the campus.

Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey has long viewed the abandoned factory as the comerstone of Ogden's downtown renaissance, which he believes will become a regional showcase of green redevelopment.

"Thanks to Amer Sports' leadership, the new Salomon, Atomic and Suunto headquarters in the historic American Can building will stand as a model for green development," he said. "This city could not ask for a better environmental partner."

Amer Winter & Outdoor Americas will begin operating from the Wasatch Mountain Center in August, leasing 59,000 square feet of the facility. The business unit was founded in August 2006 to provide a shared infrastructure for Amer Sports' U.S.-based winter and outdoor brands that include Salmon, Atomic and Suunto.

Founded in 1950, AmerSports Corp. is a sports equipment company with internationally recognized brands including Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Precor, Salomon and Mavic. Employing more than 6,600 people worldwide, Amer Sports companies develop and manufacture technically advanced products that improve the performance of active sports participants.

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