Science News Archive - March 15, 2006


With tracts of the ocean as little known as Mars, discoveries of a stunning richness of life in the depths are spurring calls for more protection from trawlers, oil drillers and prospectors.


Scientists and policy makers who want to slow the rate at which species are being lost face a conundrum: no one knows how many different plants and animals there are.

A major project to collect DNA samples and medical data from 500,000 people was launched on Wednesday to study how genes, lifestyle and environment affect the risk of disease.


Brazil's plans to dam two rivers in the Amazon basin to generate power threaten a treasure trove of animals and plants in a region with one of the world's richest arrays of wildlife, environmentalists say.

Archaeologists in Bangladesh say they have uncovered part of a fortified citadel dating back to 450 B.C. that could have been a stopping off point along an ancient trade route.

Rising sea temperatures caused by global warming could kill off the Indian Ocean's coral reefs in the next 50 years, threatening vital marine life, a marine researcher said on Wednesday.

For more than 75 years, shipping companies that haul iron ore, coal, salt and limestone have dumped their "cargo sweepings" - residual materials and wash water left on freighters after they are unloaded - into the Great Lakes to avoid contaminating future loads.

By Larry Parsons, The Monterey County Herald, Calif. Mar. 15--Chevron wants to boost production from its southern Monterey County oil field in a big way and build a 58-mile pipeline to help carry the crude to its San Francisco Bay refineries.


A NASA-funded expedition to the Arctic to map the thickness of snow has a legion of unexpected furry fans hailing from one of the world's coldest regions: polar bears.

By Saha, N C; Bhunia, F; Kaviraj, A ABSTRACT The comparative toxicity of lactic acid, acetic acid, and benzoic acid to tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus), cladoceran Crustacea (Moina micrura), and oligochaete worm (Branchiura sowerbyi) were determined using static bioassay tests.

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