Science News Archive - April 17, 2006

Indonesia prepared to evacuate thousands of villagers on Monday after a massive volcano in the heart of densely populated Java island started spewing thick clouds of smoke and hot lava, officials said.

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain's carbon dioxide emissions rose 47.87 percent between 1990 and 2004, over two percentage points higher than an earlier calculation, the Environment Ministry said on Monday.

By Beti Bilandzic BELGRADE (Reuters) - The Danube peaked at record highs in Serbia on Monday without overwhelming flood defenses, but authorities warned there was still danger waterlogged dykes could collapse and wreak havoc across southeastern Europe.

By Martin Dokoupil BUCHAREST (Reuters) - The Danube river broke through flood defenses in southeastern Europe on Monday, driving thousands of people from their homes along its banks in Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, officials said.

By Jessica Machetta, Florida Keys Keynoter, Marathon Apr. 15--The FWC reports they've been tipped off that a saltwater crocodile, an endangered species, may have been killed recently on Little Torch Key. If so, it's a federal felony offense.


Scientists have long known that the social insects in the order Hymenoptera--which includes ants, bees, and wasps--have an unusual mechanism for sex determination.

By Marcy Nicholson WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - Farmhouses in the Canadian Prairie province of Manitoba were sitting like islands in a great lake on Monday as the swelling Red River crested and rural residents were forced to travel by boat.

The numbers of New England cottontail rabbits are on the decline in Maine, with only 300 of the animals remaining in a small range in the southern end of the state.

An earthquake on the San Andreas fault as large as the one that destroyed San Francisco a century ago could kill thousands and cause $150 billion in damage, scientists said on Monday on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the city's 1906 quake.

By Leonard Anderson and Jim Christie SAN FRANCISC

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