Science News Archive - March 21, 2008


Did you know that there's a new breakfast food that helps meteorologists predict severe storms? Down South they call it "GrITs."

By Abdel-Malek, Zalfa A Knittel, James; Kadekaro, Ana Luisa; Swope, Viki B; Starner, Renny ABSTRACT Cutaneous pigmentation is the major photoprotective mechanism against the carcinogenic and aging effects of UV.

By Adhami, Vaqar M Syed, Deeba N; Khan, Naghma; Afaq, Farrukh ABSTRACT While solar light is indispensable for sustenance of life, excessive exposure can cause several skin-related disorders.

Text of report by Caribbean Media Corporation news agency website CASTRIES, St Lucia, CMC - Hotels on the island's north and east coasts were Thursday receiving a battering from huge waves caused by a deep low pressure weather system in the Atlantic.

By Rachel Melcer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Mar. 21--Sigma-Aldrich Corp., in search of cutting-edge business opportunities, is making a strategic investment in Clayton-based Prolog Ventures, a life-science venture capital fund.


Shrimp ponds have become the most recognizable symbol of coastal degradation in Trang, a southwestern Thai province bordering the Andaman Sea. Shrimp thrive in brackish waters that are also home to mangroves, or "rainforests by the sea."

HOUSTON - Astronauts aboard NASA's shuttle Endeavour will scan their spacecraft's vital heat shield for dings again Friday, even though the orbiter is still docked at the International Space Station (ISS). The late heat shield inspection is a now standard task for astronauts to ensure their orbiter's sensitive heat shield panels are free of damage from micrometeorites or other orbital debris. But the laborious scan is typically performed after a shuttle has undocked from the ISS and has room to move its laser sensor-tipped inspection boom - a 50-foot (15-meter) extension of the shuttle's robotic arm. "We haven't done a full what we call a late inspection while we're docked," said ISS flight director Dana Weigel in a morning status briefing, adding that some station structure is in the way. "It's really a geometry challenge." NASA has kept a close eye on the integrity of its shuttle heat shields since the 2003 Columbia accident, in which wing damage led to the loss

Those incoming federal tax-rebate checks could do more than boost the economy. They might also boost your mood, with one caveat: You must spend the cash on others, not yourself.


Researchers found surprisingly large creatures and several potentially new specimens in New Zealand’s Antarctic Ross Sea, including jellyfish with 12-foot tentacles and 2-foot-wide starfish.

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