Science News Archive - September 18, 2008


The low timbre and enticing vibrations of a deep voice have long been considered a key element of male attractiveness. Now it seems that it’s not just human females that appreciate a husky vocalization.

PLYMOUTH - A restoration project intended to make Red Brook's spawning beds more accessible to fish populations resumes this week with the removal of New Way Dam. The project began with the removal of Robbins Dike in 2006.

To: STATE EDITORS Contact: Mick Hans, +1-312-353-5050, hans.mick@epa.gov or Kren Thompson, +1-312-353-8547, thompson.karen@epa.gov, both of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 CHICAGO, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --- U.S.

Cadiz Inc. (NASDAQ:CDZI) announced today the execution of a 99-year lease agreement with the Arizona & California Railroad Company (ARZC). The agreement will allow Cadiz to utilize a portion of the railroad's right-of-way for a conveyance pipeline as part of the Cadiz Valley Dry-Year Supply Project.

By Rodger L. Hardy Deseret News PLEASANT GROVE -- An environmental assessment hearing Thursday is another step toward building a trail to serve hikers and equestrian enthusiasts over the Provo Canal once it is covered, Utah Department of Transportation documents say.

By Stephen Speckman Deseret News If Nevada wins a water war with Utah along the border they share, Utah officials and environmental groups contend it will add to an already bad air-pollution problem along the Wasatch Front.

Lew E. Jeppson's sexist reference to Sarah Palin and training wheels (Readers' Forum, Sept. 12) proves nothing except that his own political tricycle needs to have its wobbly wheels humanely balanced and its screeching axles intellectually greased. Robert C.

OPPONENTS of stricter limits on beach driving on the Outer Banks have failed to persuade Congress to intervene on their behalf. Now, perhaps, they'll return their attention to where it can do the most good - local discussions. Last week, a U.S.

Florida alligators, declared an endangered species in 1967, were reopened for a limited public harvest in 1988. The harvest has been conducted annually since then under varying rules.

By Sara Israelsen-Hartley Deseret News PROVO -- The entire Utah County community is too entrenched in the tragedy of Kiplyn Davis for her accused killers to get a fair trial here, an attorney argued Wednesday.

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  • A morbid dread of being buried alive. Also spelled 'taphiphobia'.
The word 'taphephobia' comes from Greek roots meaning 'burial' and 'fear'.