Science News Archive - September 21, 2008

Duquesne University will host a conference today that brings together scientists, business leaders and politicians to discuss how the chemical industry can -- and is -- designing products that eliminate the use of toxic substances.

By Bella Jaisinghani MUMBAI: An award ceremony scheduled to take place in the city on Friday has revived an old controversy between the Nobel Foundation, which awards the most prestigious prize in the world, and one of the descendants of its founder, Sir Alfred Nobel.

By Nitin Sethi NEW DELHI: Does a housing project need to be treated on par with a pollution spewing chemicals factory or a coal mine? The government having decided that the critical housing and construction projects cannot be equated with the much more inherently polluting sectors, is set to rationalize the environmental norms.

By Prithvijit Mitra There was nothing about the dark, lean and wiry forest guard that set him apart from his colleagues in the forest department . He lived in obscurity till his genius was discovered by a few unscrupulous hoarding agencies.

By Sparrow, Tom Sensation breaks up every system ... Emmanuel Levinas, Totality and Infinity It is both our panic and our privilege to be mortal and sense- full. We live on the leash of our senses. Although they enlarge us, they also limit and restrain us, but how beautifully.

By Sommers, Christina Hoff "The business community and citizens at large completely are in the dark. This is a quiet revolution.

By Ha, Dong Yun Cho, Soon Haing; Kim, Young Kwon; Leung, Solomon W ABSTRACT: This study provides biodegradability of organics in leachate according to their molecular mass distributions (10 KDa).

By Festa, David ". . . Ocean surface temperatures worldwide have risen on average 0.9[degrees]F, and ocean waters in many tropical regions have risen by almost 2[degrees] over the past century. This is 30 times the amount of heat that has been added to the atmosphere. . .

By Abbott, Jez The Forestry Commission has confirmed that scientists want to plant genetically modified trees on its land in a project that is likely to spark protests. The commission said the University of Southampton was keen to look into biofuels, arguing it was time to "move the debate forward".

By Sixsmith, Rachel Swapping chemicals for compost will "put the biology back in the soil" and lead to healthier crops, according to microbiologist and organic farming technologist Dr Elaine Ingham.

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