Science News Archive - April 28, 2009


A 5.6-magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City Monday afternoon as residents were already on alert due to the possibility of a deadly swine flu epidemic.


President Barack Obama vowed to make the United States the “high water mark” of scientific accomplishment that it once was, declaring a goal to assign three percent of GDP to research and development.


The US Interior Department intends to overturn a Bush administration regulation that allowed coal mining companies to dispose of mountaintop debris into valley streams with little consequence.

Solar energy has the potential to improve the living conditions of poor rural households in India as well as contribute to the country’s future energy security.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning against eating Piller's Taste Better than Bacon brands of smoked ham or turkey bacon due to a health risk. The CFIA and Piller Sausages and Delicatessens Ltd. said the products might be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it has issued emergency orders making diagnostic tools and certain drugs available to fight the swine flu outbreak. The FDA said it initiated the emergency-use authorizations in response to requests from the U.S.


A new study appearing in Restoration Ecology describes a novel technique for reattaching large sponges that have been dislodged from coral reefs.


An international body said Europe's beekeeping industry could be demolished in less than a decade as bees suffer from disease, insecticides, and intensive farming.

A Purdue University veterinarian says flu viruses are named for the first animal in which they are found; the current swine flu was discovered in pigs in 1930. That discovery is the only reason the current outbreak is called swine flu, said Purdue swine medicine expert Sandy Amass.

Trichina worms (Trichinella spp.) are roundworms that can invade a wide range of animals and man. People are most often infected through eating trichina-containing pork.

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