Science News Archive - June 17, 2009


Environmentalists made their opinions known at a key meeting on Tuesday involving plans to resume the hunting of humpback whales, which went under a moratorium protection over 40 years ago.


The effects of global warming are here and are causing major damage, stated the first climate study from Barack Obama's administration in the strongest stance on climate change ever to be issued from the White House.


Some male and female baboons engage in strictly platonic, sexless relationships. Male companionship comes in handy to females and their infants, as other baboons tend to pester less when female company is shared by their favorite male buddy.


Another fuel leak forced the U.S. space agency to again postpone the launch of space shuttle Endeavour's STS-127 mission to the International Space Station. National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials said the leak discovered at 1:55 a.m.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the nationwide voluntary recall of Stamina-Rx-brand dietary supplement due to a safety hazard. Officials said Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Inc.

A new study by U.S. researchers says it was premature to believe a single gene determines whether an individual is at increased risk for depression. Kathleen R.

Global warming is already occurring in the United States and the choices Americans make today will determine the severity of its impact in the future, according to a new report released today.

A major effort is under way in Britain to get the government to ban cigarette smoking in cars when children are present, a smokers' advocacy group says. Simon Clark, director of the lobbying group Forest, says his organization fears the move is a stepping stone to banning smoking entirely, regardless of whether children are on board, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday. It's unnecessarily intrusive, Clark says.

Two University of the Alaska Fairbanks researchers are among key contributors to a new national report that details visible effects of climate change in the United States and how today's choices stand to affect the future.

Arizona State University professor Nancy Grimm is one of the authors of a new and authoritative federal study assessing the current and anticipated domestic impacts of climate change.

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