Science News Archive - June 07, 2009

Medical experts in Britain say the Department of Health is not doing enough to highlight the risks associated with HIV, leading to its spread. The Sunday Times of London reported senior doctors have accused the British department of not properly testing specific high-risk groups such as black Africans and gay men. The lack of testing for the human immunodeficiency virus has resulted in individuals unknowingly carrying the virus that can lead to AIDS and spreading it via sexual activities, HIV specialists said. All men and women accessing medical care should be routinely offered a test, said Dr.

British scientists say they have for the first time developed a way to use brain scans to objectively measure the levels of pain felt by patients. Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers have found distinct differences between the brains of people who are experiencing pain and those who are not.


Hawaii's Kilauea volcano seems to be active again, with molten lava moving around 300 feet under the crater's floor.

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