Science News Archive - June 08, 2009


The world's first water-based, electricity-generating wind turbine is set to be installed off the coast of Norway this coming weekend.


Remnants of undeclared synthetic uranium have been identified at a second location by the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, at a reactor in Damascus.


Billions of years of history have been uncovered with a new technique that is helping scientists paint a picture of how Earth’s continents were arranged.


Airlines all over the world have agreed to attain carbon neutral expansion by 2020, said the leader of the global aviation body IATA on Monday.

The genome of complex organisms is stashed away inside each cell's nucleus, a little like a sovereign shielded from the threatening world outside.


According to a report, scientists in the Indian state of Haryana have clone a buffalo using foetal tissue.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has created a Web site to allow the public to comment on plans for U.S. human space flight activities. NASA said the Web site will allow the Review of U.S.

For decades, geologists have been puzzled by the mechanisms that give rise to the kind of volcanoes that form the so-called “ring of fire” around the Pacific Ocean.

U.S. scientists have created a line of fruit flies that they hope might someday help shed light on the mechanisms that cause insomnia in humans. The flies created by the Washington University School of Medicine in St.

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  • A political dynamiter.
The word 'dynamitard' is related to 'dynamite', which comes from a Greek root meaning 'power' and was coined by Alfred Nobel.