Science News Archive - July 08, 2009


European Union (EU) member nations decided on Tuesday to impose anti-dumping duties on biodiesel imports from the United States.


On Tuesday, the world’s first piloted fuel cell powered aircraft took off from an airfield in Germany, leaving zero carbon dioxide emissions in its wake.


Researchers said on Tuesday that they found fossils in Brazil that are from a crocodile resembling a large armadillo that was a predator in the area around Sao Paulo state about 90 million years ago.


Virginia Tech chemistry Professor Harry C. Dorn, Emory and Henry College chemistry Professor James Duchamp, and Panos Fatouros, have co-invented a hands-off process for filling fullerenes with radio-active material.

Fueling the debate over the controversial psychiatric disorder known as dissociative amnesia, or repressed memory, Brown University political scientist Ross Cheit is challenging claims by two Harvard University psychiatrists.

A new study carried out at the University of Haifa sheds light on how first and second languages are represented in the brain of a bilingual person.


In a first for the world, an Australian town is about to forbid bottled water to be sold in their town due to worries about their environmental affects.

Scientists have just discovered the gene behind Recessive Omodysplasia, a rare skeletal disease characterized by short-limbed dwarfism and craniofacial anomalies.

Could the cars and laptops of the future be fueled by old chip fat?

BASF Plant Science and the Botanical Institute of the University of Cologne announce that they have entered a cooperation in plant biotechnology.

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