Science News Archive - September 22, 2011

Small Fish Recover Faster Than Large Fish

A University of Illinois study showed smaller fish recover from exertion faster than larger fish.

Image 1 - Researchers Take Advice From A Carnivorous Plant

Bio-inspired coating resists liquids and could lead to a broad range of advances in fuel transport, anti-bacterial surfaces and more.

Image 1 - Smells May Help Birds Find Home And Avoid Inbreeding

Birds may have a more highly developed sense of smell than researchers previously thought, contend scholars who have found that penguins may use smell to determine if they are related to a potential mate.

New Technique Uses Genomes To Determine Ancient Human Migrations

Researchers at Cornell University have developed new statistical methods based on the complete genome sequences of living humans to shed light on events at the dawn of human history.

Organization Dedicated to Wildlife Conservation, Education and Community Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Funds Researchers to Help Resolve Human/Lion Conflict Aspen,

Awareness of the concept to recycle and reuse in our every day lives is growing in every corner of the world.

FirePowerâ„¢ product family breaks the performance barrier Hillsboro, Oregon (PRWEB) September 22, 2011 Phoseon Technology extends its leadership position

The USF College of Nursing and Salimetrics, LLC are collaborating to present a lecture-based “Spit Camp Workshop,” which will be held at the University of South Florida, College of Nursing,

In the Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica, businesses, vacation rental home owners and conservationists created an alliance to protect the habitat of the endangered squirrel monkeys and fund environmental

Fish Become More Aggressive In Reduced Environments

An angry glare from the family goldfish might not be the result of a missed meal, but a too-humble abode.

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