Science News Archive - February 20, 2012

Visualizations Help Communities Plan For Sea-level Rise

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have produced computer visualizations of rising sea levels in a low-lying coastal municipality, illustrating ways to adapt to climate change impacts such as flooding and storms surges.

Founded in 1999 by physicians and medical supply logistics experts, MediGroup Physician Services is now the nation's largest group purchasing organization for the non-acute health care market.

Classic Model For Ecological Stability Revised

A famous mathematical formula which shook the world of ecology 40 years ago has been revisited and refined by two University of Chicago researchers in the current issue of Nature.

Image 1 - Glaciers Are A Window Into Human Impact On The Global Carbon Cycle

New clues as to how the Earth's remote ecosystems have been influenced by the industrial revolution are locked, frozen in the ice of glaciers.

Yosemite's Alpine Chipmunks Threatened By Climate Change

Global warming has forced alpine chipmunks in Yosemite to higher ground, prompting a startling decline in the species' genetic diversity, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

West Penn Allegheny Health System physicians were instrumental in the development and trials of a new diagnostic test that pinpoints proteins which are useful in ruling-in lupus and ruling-out

As the number and cost of cyber attacks and hacking incidents increase across the U.S., companies housing personal data of customers or clients need to protect themselves against liability and

Evidence Discovered To Support Turing's Morphogen Theory

A team of UK researchers claims to have put forth the first ever experimental evidence in support of a long-standing theory about how biological patterns such as a leopard's spots or a tiger's stripes are formed.

The Economics and Finance Sciences are two new key categories covered by the Sciences Social Network ScienceIndex.com.

Print ads and video highlight the D'Aversas experience in Accra, Ghana where they spent 10 days at the North Western Eye Clinic Westbury, NY (PRWEB) February

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