Science News Archive - April 19, 2012

A Stream Is A Stream Is A Stream: Or Is It?

Scientists ford high-mountain waterways in North, South America to find out.

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Americans Finally Warming Up To Climate Change

After experiencing several years of severe weather, including extreme heat, droughts and tornadoes in unusual locations, it seems the public has finally come around to the idea of global warming.

Toothless Whales Use Fat To Listen

Scientists have long understood the way dolphins and toothed whales have been able to hear underwater.

CU Research Shows Warming Climate Threatens Ecology At Mountain Research Site West Of Boulder

A series of papers published this month on ecological changes at 26 global research sites -- including one administered by the University of Colorado Boulder in the high mountains west of the city -- indicates that ecosystems dependent on seasonal snow and ice are the most sensitive to changes in climate.

Metal Oxides Hold The Key To Cheap, Green Energy

Harnessing the energy of sunlight can be as simple as tuning the optical and electronic properties of metal oxides at the atomic level by making an artificial crystal or super-lattice ‘sandwich’ says a Binghamton University researcher in a new study published in the journal Physical Review B.

Jellyfish populations Rising With Ocean Warming, Pollution Increases

Researchers from University of British Columbia (UBC) are reporting an increase in the number of jellyfish populations in coastal areas of the world’s oceans. Many species are considered a nuisance when they sting swimmers.

Scientists Find Higher Concentrations Of Heavy Metals In Post Oil Spill Oysters From Gulf Of Mexico

Comparisons between pre- and post-spill specimens show an increase in vanadium, chromium, cobalt, and lead concentrations in shells, gill, and muscle tissue

Lack Of Genetic Diversity Put The Tasmanian Tiger In Danger

While the Tasmanian tiger was being driven to extinction in the early 20th century by territorial interlopers and government bounties, the population of the bizarre marsupial also suffered from an extreme lack of genetic diversity.

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