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Brighten The Moon Swedish Skin Care Company Foreo Claims

Brighten The Moon? Swedish Skin Care Company Foreo Claims They Want To Make It Happen

Are you trying to unleash an evil scheme at night, but darkness is getting in the way? Why not just BRIGHTEN THE MOON!?!?! (Cue evil laughter)

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Front-row Seat To Blood Moon Eclipse Provided By NOAO

Monday night's lunar eclipse proved just as delightful as expected to those able to view it.

Scientists Use Neutrons To Search For Dark Energy

With neutrons, scientists can now look for dark energy in the lab

How Would You Like To Work At Concordia Research Station In

Are you a team player who is unafraid of long isolation? Do you have a medical degree and a healthy love of extremes? ESA is offering the chance of a lifetime to run space experiments in one of the world’s most isolated places: Concordia research station in Antarctica.

ESAs Sentinel-1A Satellite Delivers First Radar Image

Launched on 3 April, ESA’s Sentinel-1A satellite has already delivered its first radar images of Earth.

Vitamin B3 May Have Been Made In Space Delivered To Earth By

Ancient Earth might have had an extraterrestrial supply of vitamin B3 delivered by carbon-rich meteorites, according to a new analysis by NASA-funded researchers.

Martian Meteorites Offer Evidence Of Early Atmosphere On Red

Martian meteorites that fell to Earth are revealing secrets of an early atmosphere on Mars that is hidden in the chemical signatures of each ancient rock. Geologists, who collected and studied 40 of these otherworldly rocks, have found an important key...

Images Of Curiosity Captured As Mars Rover Scientists

The Curiosity science team is analyzing the rock layer surrounding the base of a 16-foot-high butte known as “Mount Remarkable” to determine whether or not the region is a good candidate for investigation using tools on the robotic arm on the Mars rover.

New Oxygen Recovery Systems Will Help NASA Astronauts

For NASA's long-duration human spaceflight missions, travelers will need to recycle as much breathable oxygen in their spacecraft environments, as possible.

Images From Around The World Provided By ISON Comet

Seven photographers from around the globe received awards for their stunning images of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) at the Northeast Astronomy Forum held at Rockland Community College today.

SpaceX Launch Scheduled For April 18

NASA has announced that a backup computer system onboard the International Space Station will need to be replaced during a spacewalk, and the ongoing problems with the robotic systems could force a previously scheduled SpaceX cargo mission to be postponed.

New Image Of Gum 41

This area of the southern sky, in the constellation of Centaurus (The Centaur), is home to many bright nebulae, each associated with hot newborn stars that formed out of the clouds of hydrogen gas.

Astronomers Discover That Life Could Exist On Planets With

While experts have long believed that life could not exist on planets with a fluctuating tilt in their orbits, new research appearing in the April issue of the journal Astrobiology suggests that such obliquity variations could actually increase the planetary habitability in those worlds.

ISEE-3 Coming Home To Visit

ISEE-3 coming home to visit - making its closest approach to Earth in August 2014 before it heads back out to interplanetary space.

NASA Signs Agreement With SpaceX For Use Of Historic Launch

NASA Kennedy Space Center's historic Launch Complex 39A, the site from which numerous Apollo and space shuttle missions began, is beginning a new mission as a commercial launch site.

NASAs Third Annual International Space Apps Challenge Comes

Seventy-six hours of uninterrupted around-the-world hacking on NASA challenges kicked off in Doha, Qatar, at midnight on Friday night local time, April 11, and ended in Seattle at 6 p.m, local time, April 13, as more than 8,000 tech-savvy citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and students gathered in 95 locations around the globe and online for NASA’s third annual International Space Apps Challenge.

Can A Sensor Used For Analyzing Mars Atmosphere Help Create

How can a sensor for analyzing the atmosphere of Mars help us to cut greenhouse emissions on Earth? By going where no human or machine has been before.

Secrets Of Saturns Mysterious Hexagonal Wave Revealed

Researchers of the University of the Basque Country reveal some of the secrets of Saturn's mysterious hexagonal wave, including its rotation period, which could be that of the planet itself

Cassini Eyes Possible New Moon Forming In Saturns Orbit

Newly released images from NASA’s Cassini probe have revealed the “birthing” of a tiny moon in orbit around Saturn. The images, taken exactly one year ago on Tuesday, showed evidence of the formation of a tiny icy moon, named “Peggy”

Researchers Model Immense Galactic Flares From Feeding Black

When a star orbits too close to a galaxy’s central supermassive black hole, it gets torn apart and sucked in by gravitational forces – a phenomenon known as an a tidal disruption.

NASA Invites You To Join In The Cassini Name Game

As NASA's Cassini mission approaches its 10th anniversary at Saturn, its team members back here on Earth are already looking ahead to an upcoming phase.

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