November 25, 2004

Jet Boat Story an Exciting Ride


What: Against the Flow: The Hamilton Jet Tale

Where: Prime

When: 7.30pm, Sunday


AGAINST the Flow: The Hamilton Jet Tale tells the story of the development of the Hamilton Jet across 50 years. Using a combination of interviews with key players and rarely viewed archival film footage, the programme evolves through the eyes of those who were a part of this exciting period. Jon Hamilton, son of Sir William Hamilton, provides insights into life at Irishman Creek, the wide- ranging accomplishments of his father's life as well as the transition of CWF Hamilton & Co Ltd from a heavy civil engineering business into a water jet manufacturer. In Against the Flow: The Hamilton Jet Tale we meet George Davison, the young engineer employed by Bill Hamilton to develop his water jet propulsion system into a marketable product. George recounts the excitement of a lifelong involvement with jet boats and the satisfaction of playing a fundamental role in presenting water jet propulsion as a viable option to the marine industry globally. News of the new jet boat propulsion system spread quickly around the world, aided greatly by the success of expeditions to the Colorado River and the Ganges under the leadership of Sir Edmund Hillary. *