November 29, 2004

Russian and US Space Station Crew Finish Preparations for Re- Docking

Text of report by Russia TV on 29 November

[Presenter] The crew of the International Space Station are finishing preparations for re-docking the Soyuz TMA-5 spacecraft. Salizhan Sharipov and Leroy Chiao must transfer it from the Pirs docking compartment to the Zarya module.

During the preparations, the cosmonauts have left the station and carried out work on it. The operation is to be carried out manually. As Mission Control Centre said, all work connected with the re- docking will take about 14 hours. Salizhan Sharipov will direct the spacecraft and at about 1230 Moscow time [0930 gmt] Soyuz should leave the station and after half an hour berth at the docking station.