November 29, 2004

Russian Space Official Says ISS Docking Scored Full Marks

Excerpt from report by Russian Channel One TV on 29 November

[Presenter] The crew of the International Space Station today completed a difficult manoeuvre in orbit. Salizhan Sharipov and Leroy Chiao re-docked the Soyuz-TMA spacecraft from the Pirs module to the docking bay of the Zarya module. [Passage omitted]

[Vladimir Solovyev, flight commander at Mission Control Centre] The crew worked very well. All in all, they used 9 kg of fuel. According to our grading, and the cosmonaut training centre, they scored ten out of ten. Of course, they started today very early, at 0100 [2200 gmt 28 November] and therefore we will now wrap up everything quickly and send them off to relax.